How to handle your recruitment in 2023? Three tips to solve your recruitment freeze.

The year 2022 was a challenging year. The economic situation is unstable while the labour market is even more innovative and competitive.
We live in what we now call the VUCA world. VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. This new set-up makes managerial situations more challenging as many variables are interconnected, unexpected and unpredictable, and therefore it contains many unknown settings.

On the corporate side, this new environment is putting pressure on budgets and targets. Still, the work needs to be delivered.
For example, digital applications are now the norm and allow candidates to apply for a position more easily and faster.
On the other hand, the economic situation will freeze most hiring in 2023. Recruiters and business departments have to find new ways to continue to grow and support their teams.

How to deal with it? Discover below three tips to solve your recruitment freeze in 2023:


1. Freelancers, your new partner for growth

Freelance is not only a growing trend in Belgium, but also in entire Europe.

As stated in one of our previous articles, in June 2020, freelancers represented 20% of the business owners. This trend continues to grow.

Freelancers do represent a strong and experienced flexible workforce, able to tackle operational tasks quickly, which results in tangible deliverables. Moreover, due to the variety of their clients, they might be able to come up with innovative ideas.

Novellas currently has a pool of more than 360 freelancers in various areas, areas such as clinical and regulatory affairs (RA), marketing, medical or even quality affairs (QA/QP).
Consider it when you have a peak in your activities or when you want to avoid overloading your team 😉

2. Flexible solutions: contractors / outsourcing

Flexible solutions are an easy way to gain capacity and reach your goals, without direct impact on your FTE counts.

How does this work?

Once you have selected your ideal candidate and agreed on all details with Novellas, Novellas Healthcare sets up an employment contract of indefinite duration for the candidate. You pay an all-in monthly fee for the service the candidate delivers in your company. It allows you to have a lot of flexibility and to benefit from a qualitative worker, without having him/her on your payroll!

Contracting can involve outsourcing one individual, but also a team of talents. For example, you can start with two profiles and, if successful, expand your team over time (months/years) to optimal covering depending on your needs.

If you wish to keep this talent or team, there is of cours always a possibility of acquisition.

3. Build a talent pool with Novellas Healthcare

Based on your strategy, you as a company know very well which profiles/roles will be needed within the near future. By creating a talent pool, you can anticipate in time and meet your recruitment needs more efficiently.

What is a talent pool?

As staffing partner, Novellas Healthcare can do a mapping based on these required profiles. Departing from an “in-depth” briefing, we will start working for you. We will screen the entire market in which your profile falls.

This mapping will be elaborated further in order to achieve a talent pool of matching profiles, who want to work for you.
Our strength is on the one hand our large network, since we come from the business ourselves, and on the other hand in sourcing potential candidates.
This enables you as a company to fill vacancies efficiently and in a timely manner from the pool of profiles that have already been screened.

In short: your recruitment process is simplified and accelerated!
Consider these tips and become more successful with your team in 2023.

If you would like more information, you can book a meeting with  Leen Cleymans, our Head of Business Development, via the button below ⬇️

Leen Cleymans
Business Development Manager

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