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Contact us. Not only will we help you to find your next career step, we also want to be a trusted partner throughout your career. We offer you career counsellors, training programs and personal advice on how to build a professional CV. We will help you to discover your talents and support you in your development.

We will listen to your needs and together with you, we will look for the most suitable job in healthcare!

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Experience is our DNA
Counsellor Johan Denewet

Johan Denewet

Career Counsellor
Only those who dare to walk, can leave a footprint
We care about your career
Counsellor Luc Decat

Luc Decat

Career Counsellor
The real master stays a student
Continuous education
Counsellor Alex Saelen

Alex Saelen

Career Counsellor
The one that follows the crowd, will not get further than the crowd