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Ready to (re)launch your career

Patient support programs

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Ready to (re)launch your career

Wait no longer! We will not only help to find the next step in your career. We also want to be a trusted partner throughout your career. We can offer career counseling as well as training programs. We can even support you in building your personal and professional CV. We will help you to discover your talents and your strengths, and we can support you in your development.

We listen to your needs and together we will find the most suitable job in healthcare for you!

Patient support programs

Novellas Healthcare delivers exceptional patient and health care professional experiences via bespoke patient-centric solutions which differentiates us & our clients. With our patient support programs, we combine the best of both worlds: pure humanity and state of the art technology.

Staffing solutions

We continue to lead the way in providing high quality professionals. We are specialized in clinical operations, market access, regulatory quality affairs, medical, marketing and sales functions. Novellas Healthcare is the place to be if you are looking for a job in healthcare or if you are on the lookout for talent.

Only those who dare to walk can leave a footprint

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Your business, our priority

Your unmet needs -regarding staffing or patient support programs – are our top priority. Driven by our passion and expertise we create a tailor-made solution for your company. Novellas Healthcare stands for a successful and swift delivery, implementation and roll-out of our scalable solutions in line with pharmaceutical regulatory compliance requirements. Our multi-disciplinary team takes full responsibility for our end-to-end solutions, enabling you to achieve your goals.

Looking forward to team up

Our team of experts is ready to help you develop healthcare solutions for your projects.