4 reasons to hire freelancers in 2023

A new way of working and selling expertise has emerged: freelancing.

Indeed, in June 2020, freelancers workers represented around 20% of the active business owners (290.000 people, source: ucm.be).
Freelancers are working independently and without employees, collaborating with one or several companies.

With the raise of externalisation, companies are hiring freelancers for specific tasks, rather than opting for full-time employees.

What are the benefits of hiring freelancers in the Life Science Industry? Read below four reasons to hire freelancers, which will definitely convince you!

1. Niche and experts talents

Freelancing offers the opportunity to find niche talents in precise areas. 
This expertise is easily available for companies, for the needs of a specific project. Thus, a company can easily work with a freelancer and benefit from his/her expertise, without the need for a fixed contract.
For a less experienced freelancer, it represent a chance to acquire more experience and to add their fresh mind and creativity to a project.

Amgen, a leading biotechnology company, trusted us for a tailor-made-recruitment, by finding Muriël, an independent medical advisor.
Read more about this success story here!
On the consultant side, Muriël was pleased because it all went smoothly and fast. It took only two weeks from the first contact to signing the final contract!

Responsiveness is key in recruitment, but also in other departments on the operational side. For sure, one of the advantages of freelancers is their flexibility!

2. Highly qualitative and faster deliverables

Freelancers are not all-around workers. They’re specialists, filling the gaps in your business through their skillsets. When working with a freelancer, you can easily sense and observe the years of experience, strategic as well as operational. Moreover, through the various projects they’re involved in, they can easily think “out of the box” and beyond the boundaries of an organisation, so that they can offer creative AND effective solutions.

With their abundance of capacities, independent workers are also generally working faster than the average full-time employees.
Indeed, they can deliver results faster, more precisely and more consistently. As full-time employees are usually working on multiple projects at the same time, delays may sometime occur due to internal meetings and decision times, something freelancers do not have, as they focus solely on the one  project.

Hire freelancers and get your projects delivered by experts faster!

3. Reduce your financial and human risks

Getting a new employee is an investment of time and money, in the future of the organisation and in the new-comer. Finding the right candidate, training him/her and onboarding the newbie is engaging.
Getting the first outcomes of an employee can take some time. This time is not required for a freelancer, given that he/she is immediately operational, and the contracts states the deliverables in detail, including a specific timeframe.

Another advantage is that freelancers can be hired on a flexible basis, in case of high workload, need for a specific skill or for a dedicated project.
Moreover, a more junior freelancer profile can easily support your teams in times of heavy workload. This agility is also healthy for your company’s finances 😉.

4. Fresh ideas

Your internal company culture and processes less impact freelancers, being externals. Thus, their creativity is not biased. Presenting fresh ideas and external insights regarding a topic is even more natural for them and a key advantage for your company’s strategical growth.

How to find the right freelancers?

At Novellas Healthcare, we do have +360 freelancers in various areas such as: biosciences, clinical research, regulatory affairs, sales, marketing, project management and even R&D!
We can undoubtedly  help you find the right independent employee for your next project. 

Are you stuck finding a specific freelancer? Then, get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help you 😊