Having a growing business? Willing to expand your activity to Belgium?

Let us build your next dedicated team. We search & select, you choose.

You’re currently planning a new product launch, willing to implement your business in Belgium or even trying to grow your activities faster in the Life Sciences Industry.

You’re certainly looking for a dedicated team, capable of supporting your immediate needs and deliver results. At Novellas Healthcare, we understand the importance of having a dedicated team of talents by your side, ready to tackle your immediate needs and deliver tangible results.

We do more than Sales & Marketing:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Quality Affairs
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Medical Affairs
  • Clinical Operations
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Human Resources

We support your growth.

We got you covered! Elite Dedicated Teams by Novellas Healthcare | 100% Efficiency - 0% Hassle.

Benefits from Dedicated Teams by Novellas Healthcare:

  • ZERO ADMIN – We take care of all the paperwork. You get your team ready!
  • ZERO RISKS – A good way to test if your implementation works for a mid-term period
  • ZERO AFFILIATE NEEDED – No need to be physically present in Belgium.
  • SUCCESS? HIRE THEM! – After one year, you’ve the complete freedom to hire talents from the dedicated team onto your payroll.

Experts at your service

  • +20 years of experience in the Life Sciences Industry
  • A reference in staffing
  • +1.000 placements done
  • Several dedicated teams built each year
  • Knowledge of the various sub-industries: Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Consumer Health…

Are you:

Three Reasons to build your dedicated team with Novellas Healthcare:

Search from scratch to Elite Talents

Are you tired of receiving pre-assembled teams from recruitment agencies?

At Novellas Healthcare, we start each project from scratch, handpicking talents tailored to your requirements, fostering a genuine team dynamic. Additionally, you can also benefit from a dedicated Team Leader to oversee and manage this elite talent roster effectively.

Not only focused on Sales & Marketing

At Novellas Healthcare, our expertise extends beyond constructing traditional Sales & Marketing teams upbuilding.
Unlike other agencies, we specialize in creating dedicated teams across a range of critical functions including Market Access, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Affairs, Clinical Operations, Finance, Quality Assurance, and more.

Whether your project demands strategic market penetration or meticulous regulatory compliance, we have the broad expertise to support your unique needs effectively.

Offer benefits in line with your company policy

Even when you hire a team through Novellas Healthcare, you keep full control over applying your compensation and benefits policy to your talent pool.

Customize benefits such as company cars, daily allowances, or bonuses directly in your contracts, ensuring your team members are even happier and more motivated.

Make your start in Beligum EASY

  • Start small – start with 2-3 talents focusing on a region.
    Your team doesn’t have to be big. It can be a team of 2, 5 or why not 12 FTE’s depending on your needs and ambitions.
    Even starting small, we can then easily scale your team after the first successes.
  • A melting pot of Junior and Senior profiles – diversity works.
    Novellas Healthcare can support you and source for you the right match between Senior but also Junior talents, capable to also bring quickly results.
  • A team with your values – make your next Belgian team look like you want. We’ll look specificically for these profiles and find the best matches for your context.

Place your next product in the market with success 🚀

  • Talents for your needs – start after a clear briefing from your side, our recruiters will source and look for talents matching your needs, in many departments.
  • Smooth transition – your launch is successful? Then, you can easily hire the talents and make them 100% part of your entity.
  • Beyond Sales & Marketing – think about your launch as a whole, and include Regulatory, Market Access, Medical to your team, for an even more succesfull launch.

Let’s build a dedicated team together.

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