Successful matchmaking at biotech company Amgen

Thanks to Novellas Healthcare, the void in our team could be filled very quickly

As an intermediary between companies and freelancers in the field of healthcare, Novellas Healthcare (HC) is always looking for tailor-made recruitment solutions. We strive to place high-level professionals who perfectly match the culture, values and tasks to be performed at the company of our clients. The biotechnology company Amgen recently knocked on our door. We started our search for talent for them to fill a temporary gap in their team. We found in Muriël the perfect match. Muriël is an independent consultant who took on the role of medical advisor in Isabelle’s team at Amgen.

A solution for a high work pressure

Amgen’s Medical Science Liaisons and Medical Advisors team had a vacancy that could not be filled in a timely manner. To counter the high workload, while waiting for the ideal candidate, they started looking for a freelancer to support the team 2 days a week.

“We were really looking for someone to help us with the most pressing issues,” said Isabelle, team leader at Amgen. “Our Human Resources manager contacted Novellas Healthcare. We had already worked together successfully in the past for the recruitment of certain profiles. When we have vacancies, Novellas is one of the partners we count on to fill them.”

A very fast match

This collaboration with Novellas HC also got off to a smooth start. “Everything went very quickly from the first contact,” says Isabelle. “Just two days after our first phone call, I received a proposal for a consultant who might be eligible. I was able to contact her right away to get to know her. Indeed, it turned out that she was someone who perfectly matched the profile we were looking for.”

Muriël herself also looks back with satisfaction on the matchmaking. “Everything went very well from the first talks to the signing of the contract. I thought that was really nice. Everything was quickly signed, nice and neat, which is of course an important advantage for a freelancer. Sometimes it takes a long time to land an assignment, but here, everything was arranged in just two weeks. If you can bring in a project that quickly, that’s a huge plus as a freelancer.”

Fast match between freelancer and recruiter

Meeting the needs of the businesses and the self-employed

If the collaboration could start so easily, it is partly because we always try to meet the needs of our client and the freelancer the best we can.

“I work as an independent consultant,” explains Muriël. “So I’ve done a lot of different things before, like clinical research, and I also have experience in drug production and distribution. I had never worked as a medical advisor before, but it was something I had wanted to do for a long time. Therefore, I was very happy when Novellas called me.”

“I get sufficient support at Novellas as a freelancer. During my conversations, they were always very open and made me feel like I could really talk to them. The people at Novellas are not only very professional, but also very warm.”

Isabelle also felt that Novellas HC fully understood their needs. “I thought it was very important. They sensed very well what we were looking for. The result was a smooth collaboration in which everything was closely monitored.”

Freelance illustration letter by letter

A possible new step in the career of freelancers

For Muriël this may lead to a new step in her career. “While it’s a five-month contract at a rate of two days a week, this could certainly be a small step towards something I’m very excited to do. I certainly hope it can make a difference in the long term, although time will tell, obviously.”

At Novellas HC, we look forward to more encounters so successful.

Do you have a temporary need to fill or are you looking for temporary reinforcements for your team or project? In this case, you can always appeal to Novellas HC. We will take care that you are offered the freelancer that perfectly matches your needs and values.

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