Clinical staffing solutions

Creating the perfect match, also in clinical.

Novellas Healthcare is the place to be if you are looking for a job in clinical or if you are on the lookout for the next clinical talent.

The variety of clinical profiles

Clinical trials require a wide range of expertise and skills.
Whether your team includes clinical nurses, clinical research associates, project managers, data managers or biostatisticians, it is vital to have a tailored recruitment approach that understands your objectives and corporate values.

At Novellas Healthcare, we work closely with our clients to understand their unique clinical staffing needs and deliver the perfect match.

Why can Novellas support the growth of your clinical teams?

Clinical teams are at the hearth of your clinical trials. These teams are diverse, with a variety of profiles and talents.
To make the most of these resources, it is essential to build a strong, cohesive and well-trained-team.

With over 20 years’ of experience in Life Sciences recruitment and an extensive network, Novellas Healthcare is your partner in finding your next clinical talent!

Novellas Healthcare's clinical staffing solutions

Finding the best match for your clinical operations

  • To find your perfect clinical match, Novellas Healthcare benefits from a large talent pool of more than 1.000 clinical experts in various fields such as Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Clinical Study Manager (CTM), Project Managers, Study nurses…
  • Depending on your needs, you also have the flexibility to require flexible clinical solutions such as outsourcing or freelance, as well as permanent clinical staffing solutions.
  • The key here is to meet your expectations, your needs to help you make a difference in the Life Sciences industry.

What are you looking for?

Permanent Placement

Are you looking for real talent to reinforce your team? At Novellas Healthcare, we have a large pool of highly skilled and well-trained professionals. We also have access to an international network. There is no doubt, we will find the perfect match for you!

Flexible Sourcing

Novellas Healthcare is specialized in the outsourcing of a variety of people to ensure continuity while increasing performance for our customers. You are guaranteed a full and permanent support, easy contracting and true quality.


Our recruiters have a solid network of freelancers within life sciences. They know the sector and understand your company’s needs. We handpick the best match for the job. From junior to senior profiles, we find the freelancer you are looking for.

Get in touch with the clinical expert

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