Record number of vacancies in the life sciences industry, an unique opportunity for young graduates!

The life sciences industry, a springboard for young graduates.

There are currently more job vacancies than applicants in the life sciences sector.
This creates unique opportunities for young graduates in this field, who can be at the forefront of the technological revolution.
Thanks to the availability of new tools and technologies, they can benefit directly from these opportunities, in the workplace and in their work.
In the past, physical libraries were the quickest way to find information, email was used to contact colleagues and face-to-face meetings were the norm.
Today, advances in technology have made the world more efficient, but this also requires more skills, qualifications and career choices.
Whether you want to work in the industry or academia sector, as a recent graduate you are now the project manager of your own career.

Now is the perfect time to enter the industry as a recent graduate. Here are 5 tips to make the most of this opportunity:

5 tips for launching your career in the life sciences industry, as a recent graduate

Think about what is important to you

Take the time to think about the job you want and the type of company you’d like to work for.
As well as the salary, there are other important things to consider, such as your desired career path, your ethic/values, the advantages you wish and your motivations. These considerations are also useful during job interviews.

Make the most of your unique skills

You studied during a very difficult period.
The pandemic turned the world upside-down. As a result, you have developed valuable skills, such as discipline, self-control, and you are at ease with tech-tools.
Show that you are able to apply these skills in the corporate world.
Also, don’t hesitate to highlight how resilient and creative you can be to solve challenges you’ve faced!


Take advantage of networking opportunities with teachers, colleagues, former students and other professionals in the sector. Ask them questions about their career paths and ask for advice. You can also find life sciences-related events on LinkedIn that you can attend and expand your network.

Aim for ambition and dare to take risks

Do not only apply for entry-level positions, but also look for other opportunities that fit your profile.
However, do not overestimate your skills and experience.

Work with recruiters

Even if you’re just starting out, it can be useful to work with specialized recruiters.
They know the demand for your skills and can help you find the job you’re looking for. It won’t cost you anything, even if we find your dream job.

These tips can probably help you make the most of your current opportunities. Even if it’s not easy to find the right job, the world is at your feet.

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