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Education Specialist | Brussels (id 1876)

Belgium Medical Devices
Posted by Luc Decat on 14/12/2020

Educational Specialist Audiology & Implantology

For a unique project in the context of improving patient awareness on hearing implants, we are looking for a motivated audiologist with strong communication skills in the Brussels region to fill the position of Education Specialist Audiology & Implantology.

She/he will visit and discuss with ENT doctors and audiologists to provide the project leader information on the degree of awareness of the indication criteria for hearing implants in Belgium.

If interested, it is possible that this project may become the subject of a doctoral project.


§ Master's degree in audiology or,

§ Bachelor's degree in audiology + Master's degree in another discipline

§ Experience in fitting hearing aids, hearing implants or other hearing aids is required, preferably within a commercial setting

§ Substantiated scientific interest

§ Strong communication skills

§ Active knowledge of Dutch, FR and ENG

§ Enterprising spirit

§ Self-motivator

§ Being able to work independently

§ Good reporting skills

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