Permanent healthcare recruitment

Since our foundation in 2002, Novellas Healthcare is specialised in the recruitment and selection of the right staff for healthcare companies and healthcare institutions.

We have over 10 years of experience in permanent healthcare recruitment. Thanks to our unique search and evaluation methodology, we are able to identify and select the perfect candidate for each assignment. We have worked for a wide range of customers, offering a variety of functions:

Our innovative recruitment methodology is based on 3 crucial criteria:

  1. A thorough analysis of the ideal profile

Defining the candidate’s ideal profile is essential. It must contain a detailed description of the professional skills and human qualities he/she must have.

To efficiently evaluate the candidate, a Novellas Healthcare consultant familiarizes with the company, immerses in the company culture and determines its values. This is the basis of a successful recruitment process.

  1. A comprehensive market screening by specialists

On the basis of the defined profile, an “out-of-the-box” recruitment strategy is fixed to find that ideal candidate. Thanks to our thorough knowledge of the healthcare market and our extensive network, we can explore new routes and discover hidden talents.

In order to identify potential candidates, an entire unit is available to implement the search strategy by exploring our database of over 130,000 candidates (EMEA), by increasing the visibility on the net and social networks and especially by research techniques executed by an expert team to screen hidden candidates.

  1. Competence-based interview

We evaluate candidates very thoroughly by performing a tailor-made, competence-based interview in compliance with the specific needs. The interview is based on both objective and subjective criteria, which are defined together with the customer. To validate the analysis, the consultant relies on the results of psychological tests. Moreover, the candidate’s evaluation can also be completed with an assessment centre.

On top of the interviews by our international recruitment team, technical skills can be evaluated by experienced international professionals.

What if the candidate does not possess all the required competences?

Sometimes, the ideal profile does not exist and thus has to be created. Thanks to the Novellas Healthcare permanent recruitment method, we are able to screen talented candidates who have the potential to enrich their competences through specific training