Patient programs

Patient Programs

Novellas Healthcare has developed an expertise in patient-centered programs since 2008. Core capabilities include recruitment and retention of patients in clinical trials as well as education and patient support to improve quality of care and patient adherence.

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Holistic patient-centric solutions

At Novellas Healthcare we understand the complete spectrum of patient related challenges pharmaceutical organisations are facing today. The nature and impact of these challenges can vary according to factors such as disease type and patient population.

This is why our holistic patient-centric solutions follow an intelligent modular design. They are custom-built in line with the client’s goals and the patient’s journey. By structuring our solutions this way we ensure inherent flexibility and scalability.

A to Z solutions

We provide an A to Z of patient solutions spanning strategy development, program implementation and performance optimisation.

To implement our solutions, we work with specialised partners when communication technics and technologies are needed, while Novellas Healthcare provides nurse services, program management and coordination.

We comply fully with regulations governing storage of personal data and the execution of pharmacovigilance requirements.

Example of Patient Solutions

  • Specialised adherence nurses – Dedicated nurse coach support is provided throughout the support program and delivered at key points in the patient’s journey. We aim to educate, encourage and foster change in attitude in order to sustain patient adherence and maximise treatment benefits. The combination of empathy and practical advice helps patients to overcome obstacles faced during treatment, thus stimulating better self-care. 
  • Remote patient coaching – Patients are supported remotely via phone, chat or email utilizing behavioral change techniques.
  • Home support – Our nurses visit the patient at home and provide instructions on more complex treatments and educational support.


Patient Programs at an international level through Conexus Care

Novellas Healthcare provides Patient Programs both on a local (country) and global level. In order to provide globally managed Patient Programs (with local implementations), Novellas Healthcare joined the companies Harte Hanks (CRM SUITE) and Stefanini (Service Excellence) in a new structure: Conexus Care. Read more on our international approach of Patient Programs and discover the benefits of working with Conexus Care:

Support Programs

Novellas Healthcare provides full-scale solutions to help the industry supporting healthcare professionals.

Example of support program’s

  • Train-the-trainer programs: specialized training nurses inform and educate larger groups of hospital care teams or community nurses on new treatments and technologies.
  • Patient clinics: nurse coaches support hospital teams to administer patient programs at day clinics.
  • Patient information sessions: physicians and hospital care teams conduct educational sessions in cooperation with our nurses.
  • Data Entry solutions: nurses support hospitals with data entry in eHealth CIVARS platform