Healthcare training programs: nurture your talent!

Training is key to keeping your employees’ knowledge and skills up-to-date. Being a people-oriented company, Novellas Healthcare has developed a network of freelance trainers who have elaborated several healthcare training programs.

Our freelancers cover a specific range of healthcare topics (clinical research, sales & marketing, medical, market access, tender business etc.) and can all rely on their experience in pharma, biotech or medical devices.

Unlock your employees’ potential

If you want to sign your employees up for one of our healthcare training programs, we will first assess your specific training needs in order to assign to you the trainer who will fully meet your expectations.

We offer on-the-job coaching as well as the coaching of clinical research professionals to stimulate personal and team growth.  The program frequency and duration of the healthcare training program entirely depends on your organisation’s and employees’ needs.

  1. Personal growth

Our skilled coaches stimulate your employees to step out of their comfort zone, to take responsibility and to grow and develop themselves to maximise their performances.

  1. Team development

Our team coaching programme is designed to help teams who are active in the healthcare industry develop themselves and perform optimally.

  1. On-the-job coaching

Our trainers offer on-the-job coaching focusing on the various aspects of clinical operations (medical devices and pharmaceutical) & people management. The aim is to optimise the performance of specific clinical research activities (e.g. project management or the conduct of feasibility studies).

Interested in one of our healthcare training programs? Contact us and find out how Novellas Healthcare can optimize your employees’ potential.